Antigravity Yoga Antigravity Yoga: Restorative Antigravity Pilates

Welcome to Holding Space.

Holding Space is a collective of Master Trainers and leading practitioners providing the highest level of instruction in AntiGravity Yoga, AntiGravity Yoga: Restorative, and AntiGravity Pilates.

Holding Space Grand Opening

Welcome to Holding Space AntiGravity Yoga! 

Holding Space brings together three certified Master Instructors of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga along with leading teachers to assist people of all bodily types in achieving their greatest potential in physical and spiritual health and happiness.

At Holding Space, we stretch, sweat, strengthen and lengthen, awakening inner awareness to be the best we can be in mind and body.  We look forward to having you in a hammock and in the air with us soon!

Kind Regards,
Shelly Bomb 
Managing Director                                                                                                                                                                                                     


at Studio Anya
49 West 24th St
8th Floor
New York
NY 10010

212 604 9766
email: contactus (at) theholdingspace (dot) net

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